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     The Juanita Ward is highly dedicated and passionate about developing purpose and vision in lives. Our goal is to ensure, and equip the next generation. In order to succeed in life, one must be able to dream. 

  The Juanita Ward has worked with different organizations to help provide life skill sessions designed to instill character, respect, leadership, personal responsibilities, good decision-making and goal setting, all of which are very important life skills. We believe that these traits are vital in developing the next level of Dedicated and Passionate Individuals, and becoming productive in a vision surpassing excellence.

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As given the name Juanita Ward, after her late Grandmother (Juanita Ward), dreams were formed. The gifts had to be filled and the blessing had to shine. Juanita was born in Jackson, Mississippi the daughter of Thomas and Mary Ward, where church, school and playing basketball was gladly practiced in her life.

Juanita came from a family of 5 were as Church, School, and basketball was a ground factor in the house. At the age of 3 she started playing basketball and never looked back. Playing against her sibling; one sister (Charlotte) and three brothers wasn't easy. Things that she couldn't do they taught her and prepared her not only for basketball but for Life. The most important lesson was that basketball is the reality of your Life. On the court you get to choose what you’re going to do as well as in Life. Making the right decision is only determined by you.

Growing up playing against her brother (Thomas Ward) that are very close in age, was always practice games, to see who was better. What they didn't know was that their father was pushing them to get better. For Juanita it was a win situation because she was playing against a boy.

She went on to play on her first summer league team in the 4th grade and was invited to Nike team camp (also 5th-7th) and then to become an Adidas All American 9th-11th grade. From there skies were the limit, dreams started to unfold and basketball wasn't just a sport, it truly became her Life and God got all the credit.

Goals had to be set and dreams had to be filled. Entering High School the number 1 goal was to graduate and become a McDonald All American. Goals were met, not only was she the first girl at the time from Mississippi to achieve the award, but the first brother (Jerod) and sister duo from the state. She was a two-time Clarion-Ledger First Team All-State, three-time Dandy Dozen selection. Also Nominated for the Naismith National Player of the Year Award, Mississippi Gatorade Player of the Year, Two-time Parade All-American, Two-time Street and Smith All-American, Named an All-American twice by the All-Star Girls’ Report, Four-time all-district and all-metro player of the year, Nominated for the Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame, Averaged 26.5 points per game during her high school career, and Selected to the 2004 USA Women’s Youth Development Festival.

Seeing the look on her mom and dad's face was priceless to not only have their baby girl ranked in the Nation, but to have 2 boys ranked #1(Jerod) #5 (Joseph).

Then soon off to college she had to go: Gulf Coast, then Odessa where she won a National Championship then to Syracuse (Alumni) and finally landing herself in the WNBA (Tulsa Shock), Overseas Player where she won MVP and Defensive Player of the Year in Bulgaria. Won a Professional Championship in Ukraine, History Record for Highest points in Israel. Top Leading Score Israeli League. Czech Republic playoffs.

Juanita has also played in WNBA, Tulsa Shock (2), Played in Stara Zagora Bulgaria, Sofia Bulgaria, Keiv Ukraine, Russia, Switzerland, Paris, Nice France, Israel, Czech Republic, Etc....

Most people call her a Diamond in the Rough, because everything you see on the outside of a person is not always shiny, but when trying to find the Diamond you have to search within.

The Basketball Life of Juanita Ward